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Livestock Farming

Progeny Livestock is located at Jangisar, Keti Bander near Karachi on the National Highway. Our strategic location has as an ample supply of fresh water which is essential for successful livestock farming apart from its close proximity to the export based abattoirs in the port city of Karachi. These have been the key factors in the growth of our farms.

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How are our cattle different?

Our Mixed herd of 500 cross-bred cattle consisting of high-yielding beef breeds such as Red Simmentals, Charolaise, Limousine and Black Simmentals are 100% grass-fed on natural pastures.

We don't use any growth hormones or any yield enhancing implants.

Raised with love, our animals spend their lives on lush green pastures, free to sleep, eat & roam as they please.

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Three key reasons which make our beef consistently tasty and tender.

  • Our Cattle are 100% grass-fed and raised according to the International best practices of animal husbandry.
  • Our team of experts fatten the cattle on the lush pastures of our farmland, using rotational (multi-paddock) grazing.
  • True sustainability across the natural food chain. Our entire system is environmentally and economically sustainable here in Jangisar, Pakistan.
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About Jangisar

Established in 1956,
We are a family-owned Agro business which has been operating successfully for over 60 years.